The "Blue Hornbook"

In the 1970ies Helmut Lukis and other historians wrote a brochure intended to provide freshmen at the department with a guidance on the formalities and techniques to be observed when researching and writing a paper. After twenty years 'Lukis' hornbook' was revised by a team of historians of the department. The new brochure still concentrates on formalities and techniques in the the field of historiography and particularly in researching and writing. As such it also contains the binding lines for references and formats to be observed when writing a paper. In this sense it is still valuable for students who prepare for their final exams. The still continuously revised "hints for beginners" - also termed 'Blaues Wunder', 'nasty surprise' (literally 'blue miracle') among students - are published here.

Downloads & links

  • The "Hinweise" at Citavi
    The "Hinweise" are now available as a citation style at Citavi: #Citavi #BlauesWunder #RUB #Arbeitserleichterung