The logo of the Department of History

has been designed by Simon Retzmann. He writes about it: The logo consists of the figurative mark HIBO and, depending on its use, additionally of the name mark description DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY BOCHUM. Both are set in the font of the Ruhr University Bochum to allow effective use in conjunction with the corporate design. An integral part of the logo is also the I, which is intended as a stylised spine to establish a relationship to the 'history'. The logo is generally kept very simple and modern to avoid any "clichéd historical" presentation (papyrus font, certificate as logo, etc) and to capture the individual epochs or chairs as a whole. The simple design makes it possible to use any colour and size variations and thus to use it flexibly for print and web media.
The logo can be downloaded from here in different variations, as a picture or picture-word mark, as a vector graphic .png and used by members and affiliates of the institute. Copyright: Simon Retzmann

Vector graphic versions of the logo

(Click with the right mouse button and choose "save target as ...". Then the graphic can be used from the selected folder).