In order to provide students with the best possible support and information during the different phases of accomplishment, the department offers various study aids, among others guidance in choosing and organising courses, for subject changes, and for all other questions connected with planning the curriculum.

Mandatory Guidance

All freshmen receive mandatory guidance from one of the faculty. This is not only to (re-)clarify the specific demands of the course and your timetable as a history student, but also to address the question of whether your expectations are compatible with the direction of your studies. Please try not to see this academic guidance as an onerous duty but rather as an opportunity given by the faculty to avoid disappointments right from the start. Mandatory guidance is introduced by a lecture on regulations, procedures and organization of studying at the department. After this, you'll have to fix a date with one member of the faculty who will check your course schedule and answer the questions remaining. Date and place of the introducing lecture are announced in the annotated course calendar. The department provides all new students with an information bag containing all relevant items necessary for a good start: clips from regulations, course calendar and the like.
Dr. Iris Kwiatkowski, GA 4/34, Tel.: 22650.

General Advisory Service

After studying has begun, the department offers general academic advice and advice for senior students preparing for the final exams. For organisational reasons, the first port of call for further questions and problems are the teaching staff of the bachelor degree. In the first and second semesters, these will naturally be the teachers of the Integrated Proseminars. However, the office hours of all the history faculty are available to you. Please make use of this if necessary. Please approach the central administration office for questions concerning semester placement following a change of study location, BAFöG, semesters of absence and attending lectures as a “guest”. The custodian is responsible for the authentication of exams and certificates of other universities in Germany and abroad. She also acertains your accomplishments during the preparation for the final exams.

Academic Advice for the Master of Education

OStR i.H. Dirk Urbach, GA 5/131, Tel.: 28361

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Crediting of exams of other universities

Dr. Jan Hildenhagen, GA 5/135, Tel.: 27025

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