The first year of study is largely dedicated to learning the foundations of the academic historian's work: What types of questions govern historical work? How should we deal with source material? How do we locate and evaluate the research literature on a particular topic? In addition to learning these working methods, great value is placed on presenting the results of historical work in different formats (e.g. through oral presentations, presentation of papers, written homework). Integrated Proseminars (IPS) are intended to introduce students to the academic work required by a history degree. In order that these very important and time-intensive seminars can be successfully completed by as many participants as possible, they are regularly linked to an IPS tutorial which is run by advanced students. The tutorial accompanies the seminar and offers students the opportunity to ask further questions and to practise the working methods. Tutorial and IPS cover six hours per week in the first year. They are added by an excursion of two and a half days.